About The South Texas Herpetology Association


The purpose of the South Texas Herpetology Association is to promote education and dissemination of scientific information through the facilities of the Society; to promote conservation of wildlife in general and of reptiles and amphibians in the state of Texas in particular; to provide through the facilities of the Society a means for the rescue of unwanted, mistreated, and distressed reptiles and amphibians; to achieve closer cooperation and understanding between herpetoculturists, herpetologists, and the interested public so that they may work together in the common cause of furthering science; to represent the wishes of the members before public, semi-public, and private-policy making bodies at the city, county, state, and federal levels; to promote the captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians in order to relieve pressure on wild populations; and to promote proper animal husbandry of reptiles and amphibians.

We offer a variety of activities for our members, and provide educational outreach programs for the general public. Member activities include field trips, volunteering for outreach presentations, and reptile rescue operations in conjunction with local law enforcement ("snake calls"). For more information see - STHA Reptile Rescue Program. The South Texas Herpetology Association periodically sponsors fieldtrips / campouts and other social events during the year. All members and their guests are invited to attend these events.

Board of Directors:

Elections are held once a year at the October meeting

Current 2011-2012 board members are:

  • President - Ed Lessard
  • Vice-President - Pete Mimikos
  • Secretary - Marie Dominguaz
  • Treasurer - Jeff Dominguez
  • Directors-At-Large - Cam Posey & Blaine Eaton
  • Events Coordinator - Lynne Chapman